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Openet and IBM provide a platform for innovation around convergent fixed-mobile, prepaid-postpaid, voice, data and video services. Openet enables operators to transform their businesses by quickly creating new services, within weeks, to take advantage of subscriber, service and session awareness. The capability to deliver multiple joint solutionsis profoundly enriched by Openet’s multifaceted partnership with IBM.

Openet partnered with IBM in October 2010 to promote telecom and media service provider solutions. This multi-faceted partnership includes an array of initiatives, the first of which is IBM’s service provider cloud solution. Openet is a key partner of IBM’s Cloud Service Provider Platform (CSP2) initiative. Openet, in partnership with IBM, enables operators to create and monetize operator cloud offerings. Operators’ cloud-based offerings are evolving beyond outsourced processing capabilities to enabling the dynamic delivery and real time charging of content and applications. Together, IBM and Openet empower operators with the intelligence and flexibility to monetize cloud services, content and applications.

Along with IBM’s cloud initiative, the collaboration includes Openet's utilization of IBM software and hardware capabilities to deploy solutions directly to service providers and a variety of joint marketing activities.


Openet has been certified as a vendor within IBM’s Service Provider Delivery Environment (SPDE) and is validated as ready for Tivoli, demonstrating that Openet interoperates with key elements of the IBM telecom software solution stack including SolidDB, Netcool, Cognos and WebSphere for customer deployments. SPDE enables operators to bring new, innovative, revenue-generating multimedia, data and content services to market faster, easier and at a minimal cost.

Openet’s products and solutions are standardized on the IBM BladeCenter. Openet is embedding SolidDB® into its platform, allowing applications to access performance critical data with extreme speed.

Openet Interaction Gateway on IBM PureFlex.

The combination of Openet Interaction Gateway and IBM PureSystems will help businesses simplify deployment and ongoing operations of the Openet solution. Accelerating implementation times and reducing operation and maintenance efforts result in fewer IT resources needed, lower costs, and a faster time-to-value.

Openet has now enabled its Interaction Gateway solution on the IBM PureFlex System. The PureFlex System is a full infrastructure system with integrated expertise. This IBM offering provides you with an integrated computing system that combines servers, storage, networking, virtualisation and management into a single structure. The built-in expertise provided by PureFlex System performance helps organizational leaders simply manage and flexibly deploy integrated patterns of virtual and hardware resources using unified management. Efficiency and operating agility help support business leaders who wish to rapidly deploy IT services at a reduced cost.

IBM PureFlex System includes integrated patterns of expertise designed to automate and optimize the deployment and maintenance of Openet Interaction Gateway workloads. Deployment expertise can accelerate your time to value versus traditional systems. Consolidation and management expertise drives automation to significantly reduce manual processes that consumes too many staff hours. Optimisation expertise also allows the infrastructure to flex to unexpected demands without requiring expensive surplus capacity. This system is designed to provide a simplified experience and reduce IT complexity without compromising flexibility.

PureSystems is a new class of expert integrated systems that combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance. Expert integrated systems fundamentally change the experience and economics of IT.

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Netezza is an IBM company since November 2010. Netezza expands IBM's business analytics initiatives to help clients gain faster insights into their business information, with increased performance at a lower cost of ownership. Openet’s Business Intelligence and Analytics software is supported by a relationship with Netezza, the global leader in data warehousing appliances.

Centre of Excellence

The IBM Dynamic Service Control Center of Excellence in Austin, Texas, combines IBM technologies with the Openet platform to provide Communications service providers the ability to control, monetize, and personalize services for their subscribers. Openet provides mediation, rating and charging, balance, subscriber and policy management capabilities, along with analytics for all functions. For example, Openet’s solutions can set usage thresholds based on time of day, subscriber plan, or data consumption, to make sure that appropriate actions are carried out once those thresholds are reached and charge resulting usage against a pre- or post-paid account.

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IBM has helped thousands of clients adopt cloud models and manages millions of cloud based transactions every day. IBM assists clients in areas as diverse as banking, communications, healthcare and government to build their own clouds or securely tap into IBM cloud-based business and infrastructure services. IBM is unique in bringing together key cloud technologies, deep process knowledge, a broad portfolio of cloud solutions, and a network of global delivery centers.

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